Alexander Henry

Skullduggery with Alexander Henry

Folklorico Cartas Marcadas

Tap into your darker side with fabrics from Alexander Henry. “The fabric of imagination” and the fabric dear to our hearts. We love the Day of the Dead themes and shriek with delight when new bolts arrive. We know you’ll love them, too.

Folklorico Cartas Marcadas features our favorite Day of the Dead spirits as skeletons in action, painting, cooking, boxing, on a stamp motif that’s ready to be split apart for pillows, wall hangings, iPad cases, you name it.

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Fall Colors and Feelings in Fabric

Willow Grove - Alexander Henry  - 1 YDS - 7131 B

Willow Grove

Fall! Autum! Harvest time. Halloween, Thanksgiving… So
many words to describe the time of year in which we
traditionally bring out our fall color. The colors truly
inspired by the turning of the leaves. If you live in
an area where you can enjoy that display, you are blessed. Continue reading

Hocus Pocus – It’s Halloween Fabric

Hocus Pocus - Alexander Henry  - 1 YDS - 7447 A

Hocus Pocus

Alexander Henry

We’re already talking about the Halloween costumes are you? Not yet? Let’s
get in the mood with some inspiration from Alexander Henry. What are you
dressing up as this year?

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