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I select fabric for the store that I like and use in my own projects.

My name is Colleen Maria Casey. I’m a photographer, quilter, artist, everything. I blog about the projects that I am currently working on and other things that inspire me. [View my blog here.]

The idea for SomeArtFabric.com started around the turn of the century, when I began to purchase full bolts of fabric for all of my sewing projects. I was one of the many sewers who discovered half way through a big project that my calculations at the store were incorrect and I did not purchase enough fabric for my project. I began the search for more fabric and ultimately had to call the manufacturer, my first bolt of fabric was purchased.

Immediately, I saw the benefits of knowing I would have enough of that great fabric to finish my original project and to make accessories: a dust ruffle, pillow shams, and café curtains. I also discover that by purchasing fabric by the bolt I was saving money on my fabric. My friends jumped on the bandwagon and soon I was purchasing large quantities of fabric and splitting bolts with my friends.

When we started planning SAF, one of our business goal was to be a resource for all sewers. SAF is a small distributor of wholesale fabric, our company strives to make fabric purchasing easy for individuals. We will ship internationally to any confirmed Paypal address.

SAF will also help your group organize a local fabric coop. A fabric coop allows a group of sewers to purchase multiple bolts of fabric and split it among 2 or more like-minded individuals. A coop can be a great fundraiser for your guild or group. If you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of Marietta, Georgia, SAF will help you organize it and attend the sale to assist your group. Please email us if you are interested in more information.

All in all, SomeArt Fabric is a dream company. Beautiful fabric and my beautiful family surround me every day. I now have a valid reason to be at any sewing event within driving distance. I meet amazing, dynamic sewers everyday and I am part of a supportive WAHM (Work at Home Mothers) community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting our dream company.


The Some Art Fabric Family

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